Experis Pension

In Experis you either have a pension plan with PFA Pension or Industriens Pension as part of your salary package.

The pension plan is a strong fringe and contains a number of insurances that guarantee you right now and savings, that will ensure that you can continue to live life, once you retire. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with your pension plan, so you get the full benefit of it.

By logging in to your personal pages on My PFA (PFA) or Min Side (Industriens Pension), you have the opportunity to see how your pension plan looks right now. You can also read more about what options you have to customize your plan to fit your life when you retire. It is also in these pages that you can see what applies specifically for you and see the full content of your policy.

If you wish for a meeting with an advisor, you can always contact PFA or Industriens Penson and set up a meeting with them.

Consultants on the collective agreement with The Danish Chamber of Commerce are covered by a health insurance after 9 months of employment. Read more about the system here.