Online forms

Online forms for registration of sick-leave, "G-dage", "feriefridage" and handling of "fritvalgslønkonto". The online forms are best shown in Google Chrome.

Online form for registration of sick-leave:
If you get sick while working for Experis, you must inform your primary contact person at the client, and inform Experis by phone +45 4590 2800.

This is very important, and must be performed no later than one hour prior to the planned start of the workday. If sick-leave is reported outside of opening-hours, please leave a message on our answer machine, and remember to include your full name and Danish CPR-number.

This is important for Experis to be able to provide the client with a new resource taking care of your assignment while you are on leave. If the registration is not done as stated above, you will lose the right to receive sick-pay for the first day(s) of absence, until the registration is performed.

When you have registered your absence by phone, your remaining responsibility is to fill out our online-form for sick-leave. It is furthermore your responsibility to secure that it is filled out with sufficient and correct information's.    

> Registration of sick-leave (also for registration if your absence is due to your child being sick)

Online form for registration of "G-dage" and "Feriefridage":

> Registration of "G-dage"

> Registration of "Feriefridage"

Pay-out of unused "Feriefridage", is only possible after the holiday-year has ended, and has to be requested between the 1st of May and 15th of May.

Online form for pay-out of "Fritvalgslønkonto":

> Online form for "Fritvalgskonto"

To be able to receive timely payment, please be sure to submit the online form no later than 10:00 AM at Mondays in weeks with odd numbers. We withhold the right to cancel your request if it contains any sign of fraud.

Questions or need for help?

You are always welcome to contact Experis Firstline Support.

If you need to contact us outside of normal opening hours, please send us an e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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